Withycombe Raleigh C of E Primary School

Pupil Premium Profile 2016-2017

Total numbers of pupils in school


Number of Pupil Premium eligible pupils


Total pupil premium budget (April 2016 – April 2017)


*January 2016 Census

Pupil Premium Grant Action Plan Academic Year 2016/2017






Employment of specialised TA’s



To work closely with Senco, Class teachers and Parents to support and deliver Thrive, Emotional and Behavioural support.  To help children access to learning to enable the gap to be narrowed with PP children.

The ‘readiness to learn’ gap is for PP children and groups is narrowed.



Regular Review meetings of PP support and interventions by LT and Senco


(Termly meetings)

To ensure that quality provision is provided and is appropriate for children.

To ensure that children are making progress and that the gap is being narrowed. 

Intervention groups address specific needs.

Children make good progress and the gap between PP and non-PP children is narrowed.

Children are monitored and tracked closely.


Enrichment opportunities, trips, visits, including contribution towards residential.



To provide enrichment opportunities for all children.

To offer financial support to the families of disadvantaged pupils to access enrichment activities.

Disadvantaged pupils are able to access all areas of an enriched curriculum, attending events/days in other schools/facilities.



Thrive subscription and update training


To identify gaps in children’s reading attainment.

To monitor children’s reading interest and habits and support comprehension.

Children’s reading habits are tracked and monitored and data is addressed from this.

Children’s reading is closely monitored and children have increased control of their reading understanding and progression.

Parents know how to, and can support children with their reading at home.





Safeguarding electronic posting system to ensure concerns are centralised. Chronological sequencing and other tracking uses

Improved response for support for all safeguarding needs including PP


Weekly parent information workshops by Senco to enable support for PP


A series of parent workshops run through the School Senco to support parents (including PP) in helping their children

PP children being supported in their readiness to learn, supported with intervention in closing the gap and to ensure correct diagnosis for support


Collaboration model support focus for disadvantaged pupils

9 sessions

( x £180)


To identify cohort needs.  Professional conversation with teacher.  Triad support including coach/mentor to support intervention or needs with a focus on PP children.


Teachers identified need or area to support PP children and the wider class.

Strategies with view of closing the gap for PP and disadvantaged pupils


Parent forum for PP


To be introduced



Parent meetings and support sessions for targeted sessions with specialised TA , e.g. Supporting their child/ren with reading, supporting their child/ren with writing.


To enable parents to engage with their child’s learning and know how to support them.

To engage parents in workshops to support their child/ren with Maths, Reading and Writing.

Parents feel confident to support their children at home with their learning.

Parents know where their child is and what they need to get better at, and improve.


Purchase ‘Speech link’, ‘Infant language link’ and Education City subscription.




To identify early language difficulties.

Whole class screens determine the level of First quality teaching practice, groups and/or individual children receive speech intervention from a Speech Link programme.



One-to-one counselling.



(5 PP children supported)

3 terms x 10 weeks

To provide opportunities for children needing ‘play therapy’ and counselling to enable children to talk safely about their feelings and resolve issues for them.

Individual children identified as needing one-to-one counselling.

Tailored support provided to those children, at an appropriate level and depth.

Children supported with their emotional needs to support their behaviour and social/emotional needs.


THRIVE’ training for 2 SEND LSA and weekly support for PP children.

Vicky thrive

Liz thrive




To provide training and support for targeted TA’s and Senco to assess PP children and enable them to work with and support PP children.

Children’s emotional, developmental and social needs met.


Donkey Sanctuary support.


Other donkey


(TA – ½ each month)

To provide emotional support for identified children. PSP David Slater

4 children (2 PP) Transport


Children show an increase in confidence and self-belief.


Support with school uniforms.



To enable children to feel fully included without other affecting their learning or self-awareness.

Children are included and don’t feel different to others.


Provision of School Meals for children eligible for Free School Meals (31 children for 2016/17 @ 80% take-up)


To provide a nutritionally balanced school meal.

Children will be able to perform to their full potential.


Time for PP case studies.


(1/2 day for KS1 and KS2 phase leaders each term)

To enable children’s attainment and progress to be tracked and closely monitored.

To monitor progress of PP children with teachers.

Children’s progress is tracked and interventions and support are making a difference.

The gap in learning is narrowed.


General Courses to support targeted intervention for PP pupils (closing the gap; Cued speech, Pips training, Ipad training, Phonics Y1 additional support, etc.)





Teaching Assistants (10% of cost)



Teaching assistants are attached to provision across the school working with disadvantaged children.

To communicate achievements and needs of children from their learning.

Class teacher ensure that disadvantaged pupils receive appropriate interventions/boost if required.

Use of pre-teaching and over-learning strategies to narrow the gap.


Junior Language Link


Assessing PP children with Language difficulties

SENCo will use analysis Language skills and what action / planning is required




Dyslexic programme to support next steps

Provides levels and support programme for improvement - impacts on spelling and writing


Purchase of Pupil Tracker to aid assessment and tracking of pupil’s progress.


To track children’s progress and learning.

To identify gaps in understanding to inform intervention groups and support.

Class teacher aware of gaps in children’s understanding.

Leaders, Ts and TAs aware of children’s progress and learning against ‘ARS’ – age related standards.



















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