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    Did you know that WRPSchool operates a collection point for the Exmouth Community Larder?

    This was instigated by one of our pupils who visited the organisation and was so impressed by the work they do that she wrote a letter to the School Council asking if they could help.


    Mr Scudder, who leads the School Council, now oversees the collections. There is a box in the main entrance outside the hall doors, which is collected weekly by the volunteers at the Community Larder.

    We also made donations following our Harvest Festival this year.

    Thank you for your support.


    What is the Exmouth Community Larder?

    The Exmouth Larder is a store of non-perishable food to help local individuals and families experiencing a food crisis, who have no food, and no money to buy food. You can find a list of products they collect on their website. Click here.

  • Cool Milk
  • Education Inclusion Service
  • Home Learning / Homework / Spellings

    Homework is an important factor in the educational development of our students.


    Homework contributes to the curriculum by:

    • reinforcing what has been taught in lessons
    • linking prior and current learning
    • preparing students for future work
    • encouraging students to take pride in their learning
    • teaching students to use resources independently
    • helping students develop time management skills (e.g by meeting deadlines)


    Homework contributes to outstanding learning when:

    • tasks set are regular and appropriate
    • tasks set consolidate learning
    • it demonstrates high expectations
    • it promotes high levels of resilience
    • constructive feedback is given and acted upon
    • it promotes basic cross curricular skills such as literacy


    Click here for the Foundation/Key Stage 1 Spellings and Topic Webs page


    Click here for the Key Stage 2 Homework and Spellings page


    Other home-learning resources:


    Our Phonics Programme 'Letters and Sounds' aims to build children's speaking and listening skills.


    Home Connect / Accelerated Reader. Log in to check your child's reading progress at home.

    Children will be assigned login details (sent home by letter) which they can also use to log in to take a quiz and find their next book, via a separate link on the 'Child' tab on this website.


    Providing a link between school and home, with access available for parents to review your child’s progress.


    For fun, engaging activities that help reinforce in-school learning. We subscribe to the Literacy and Numeracy modules.


    Our series of articles aimed at parents gives advice on how you can help your child in positive ways and how to support them in their education:


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  • Medicines in School


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  • Parental Co-operation
  • Special Educational Needs (SEN)


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