Our Vision Our vision for Parents: Our parents will be involved and active in their child’s learning to help them achieve their very best. We want them to be involved in the whole school and embrace both curriculum and extended school opportunities and develop the whole child, learning alongside all of our pupils; one where there is a dual dialogue of partnership and respect. Our part is to value the complexities of family life and support families through integrated services within our school. Our Vision for Staff: Our staff will be fully committed to an outstanding provision, energised in their own learning, so they can provide a fun, well-balanced, enriched curriculum where all children can achieve their very best. All staff will: have high expectations; have high standards; use higher order questioning to promote learning in a warm, caring, polite and tolerant environment. Our part is ensuring professional development and provision is at the heart of our school community. Our vision for the Community: We encourage our community to work in partnership with us, by sharing our facilities and by also supporting community initiatives. Our part is to ensure services are relevant to the needs of the community. We actively promote our church school links. We provide a platform to develop our capacity to be a learning hub for the local and extended community. Our vision as a Teaching School Partner: We will work alongside our Partner Teaching schools and the Diocese of Exeter to provide an outstanding support for teaching and learning development in our communities. We will aim to harness and promote the best practice in our school and our partner schools and aim to: support professional development through a culture of coaching and mentoring; support staff and leaders to continue to improve through classroom and school-based professional development; to support vulnerable schools; to develop talent and grow leadership; to support distributive leadership and to work closely with our local learning community and other outstanding partners. Our vision for Children: We want our children to be caring, self-motivated, confident life-long thinkers, who are independent learners, enthused by a fun, enriched and integrated curriculum. Our aspirations are for all children to be healthy, active, and valued, as well as taking responsibility and respecting others embedding the importance of our whole school Christian ethos. We want all children to achieve their very best, respecting all talents and achievements. Our part in this is to provide a safe, supportive, enjoyable environment that prepares our children to be responsible and learned members of future society.

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