Welcome to Year 3

Hello and a BIG welcome to our year 3 home page. Here we will give you as much information as we can about the work that we cover throughout the year in Year 3 and any trips that we are going on that are linked to our topic work. Please feel free to speak to the Year 3 Class teachers Mr Birch (3TB), Mrs Gardner or Mrs Greenhalgh (3GG) if you have any queries about any of the information or any ideas you would like to share.

Homework and Spellings

Numeracy and literacy home learning will be given out on Fridays, to be back in for the following Wednesday. Spellings are given out on Friday and tested on the following Friday. 

Autumn Term

In the Autumn term our topic is the Ancient Egyptians. This topic will include looking at the pyramids and famous Ancient Kings and Queens. We will also be looking at maps and pictures and researching some amazing facts about this ancient civilisation.

In our Science Topics during the Autumn Term we look at characteristics of materials and magnets and springs.

In Numeracy we look at developing strategies for the four mathematical operations. Children need to work really hard on learning their times tables especially their 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

Spring Term

In the Spring Term our topic is about weather around the world.

Our science topics include ‘teeth and healthy eating’ and ‘rocks and soils’. During this term we have a visit from a local dentist and have great fun using disclosure tablets to reveal all the plaque on our teeth, which we quickly brushed away!

In Numeracy we will also continue to work on the different mathematical operations and using and applying numbers.

Summer Term

During this term we will be looking at the Romans. We have enormous fun making our own shields and standards, learning about the Roman army and how they tried to invade Britain several times. Our school trip involves visiting Bath to see the place where the Romans used to relax. We also have a day where a Roman Soldier visits and the pupils get an opportunity to dress up and imagine what life would have been like in the Roman army!    

Our Science topics this term include ‘growing plants’ and ‘light and shadows’.

In Numeracy we will continue to work across a broad spectrum of mathematical skills and understandings. In addition we will focus on learning number facts for the 3 and 4 times tables.