The Great Fire!


Our Year two children were very excited, but listened really well when they gathered for their London’s Burning display this morning. They carried their impressively made Tudor buildings to the top of the field where a clearing had been prepared (with plenty of water 'from the Thames' to hand!) ready to build their City. After placing their houses close together, just as they would have been in Tudor London, they stood safely behind the cones while a flame was lit inside one of the buildings.


It's thought that the fire started in a baker's shop early in the morning. The shop belonged to the king's baker, Thomas Farynor, in Pudding Lane and with strong winds the fire spread quickly down Pudding Lane, towards the River Thames and London Bridge. Just as they’d learned from their topic work about the summer of 1666 disaster, the flames soon spread to the neighbouring properties.


Famous buildings including St Paul's Cathedral, The Royal Exchange, and the Guildhall were completely destroyed, as well as 13,200 houses, and 87 parish churches. Up to a third of the city was destroyed and more than 70 thousand people were made homeless.


Once the flames had died down a final douse with water ensured the area was left safe. Great work Year 2, and thanks to the teaching team for bringing this topic to life.

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