Autumn Term on-site After School Clubs - effective January 2020


We are delighted to offer a great range of extra-curricular clubs on site, including several professionally run sports-based clubs to keep children active. Our large hall can be divided into two so we can run two clubs at the same time. Clubs run by outside providers (in yellow boxes) are payable direct.


This timetable is separate to the after-school care run on site by FISH. Please follow the links below for booking and payment information:




KS2 GYM Premier Sport



Premier Sport


Science Club

Payable direct £28 term

Ash Classroom

Kids Need Art (ages 6+)

£9 / £90 for 10 sessions

Y1 Spanish Club
Mrs Burrows £4.75

Y2 Spanish Club

Mrs Burrows (direct) £4.75

Lego Club

Places are offered to those on the waiting list as a priority. Click above link to be added to the list for next term.

Y3-6 Running Club

Limited to 50 places

Finishes 4pm

Mrs Jones

Spanish Club KS2

3:15pm - 4:15pm
£5.50 per session

Private Letting (not just WRPS children)
KS2 4Life Martial Arts

4:15pm - 5:15pm


Finishes 4 pm

(free) Mrs Betambeau

L&F Multi Sports


Tel: 07474072777 / 07902614954

Premier Sport

Tel: 07557913798

4Life Martial Arts



Exe Dance Arts


Tel: 01395 279169

Football Rota: Y6 day

Football Rota: Y2 day

Y3-4 Football

£30 per term

(25% school subsidy applied)

L&F Multi Sports


KS2 Netball

Restarts 24th February

3:15 - 4pm

20 places

Football Rota: Y3 day

Football Rota: Y4 day

Football Rota: Y5 day

KS1 - variety

£30 per term (25% subsidy)

L&F Multi Sports

Years 5-6 Football

£30 per term (25% subsidy)

L&F Multi Sports

KS2 Tag Rugby

£30 per term (25% subsidy)

L&F Multi Sports

Years 2-6 Girls Football

£30 per term (25% subsidy)

L&F Multi Sports

Year 3-6 - variety

£30 per term (25% subsidy)

L&F Multi Sports


Martial Arts 5wk Course

Starting Wednesday 26 Feb, 4.30pm -5.30pm. £25 Course.

Spanish Club with

Mrs Burrows

3:15pm - 4:15pm
Foundation Children

£5.50 per session

Chess Club Free

Y5-6 Drama Club


Guitar Club, Avocet Class Tel: 07741409265

NEW Phonics for Foundation Children*, £5.50 session

Jess: 07912287629

* More information about the NEW phonics after school club for Foundation Children, Page 1, Page 2

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