Lunch Time e-sports (FIFA) club Limited to 12 places Kyle and Harrison from Year 6 have asked if they could run their own e-sports club at lunch times. They will be organising games of FIFA 2017 played on X-Box 360s one of which has been donated by Luke. Like our other lunch time clubs this one is free, on a first-come first-served basis. The children have done a great job preparing for the club which will be overseen by a member of staff. Huge thanks to parent Amanda Blackmore for donating an additional X-Box for this club!
Lunch Time singing club/choir for children in Years 1-2 Starts after Christmas. Limited to 15 places Ebony, Grace, Lily, Rosalie, Ember, Mia and Esme are organising a singing club for children in years 1-2. The club will take place in Seal class and will be overseen by Mrs Wellbeloved. Times 12:25pm - 1pm After practicing they will perform to teachers and perhaps some of the other classes.
Drawing Heaven for children in Years 2-3 Limited to 15 places Learn to draw awesome things and become great at art! Takes place in Year 2 classroom (Seals), and kindly overseen by Mrs Wellbeloved. Sign-up sheets are around the school.
Dance Club for children in Years 4-6 Limited to 12 places Amber, Molly and Lacey go to dance classes outside of school and are at competition level. They have decided to share their skills with other children at a dance club, which will take place in Ash Classroom on Tuesday lunch times. They have organised adult supervision. Sign-up sheets have been displayed around school.
Lunch Time 'Prodigy' club for children in Years 2-3 Starts after Christmas. Limited to 15 places. George and Ashton are running a Prodigy Club (maths based, using the Chromebooks) on Wednesday lunch times in Ash classroom. The club has a maximum of 15 places and will be overseen by Mrs Williams. Times 12:25pm - 1pm Sign up sheets will be taken around by George and Ashton.

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